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Darth VaderDarth Vader
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Anakin Skywalker
Darth Vader
December 29, 2007
December 29, 2007
December 29, 2007
July 14, 2007
May 9, 2007
December 29, 2007 at 8:22pm
Posted by:
Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Star Wars
Alas, a reworked Vader with a few various modificatons from my last model. It's mostly the same idea, with maybe some altered and/or moved pieces. The goal here was to make him look slightly more realistic than the previous version.

Update: New version on Dec. 29th.
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Whatever you say, King....
you should look at mine
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u pwn noobs
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best darth vader mii ever seen,star wars rulez,5 stars
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That is way better than my crappy vader! 5*
OOOOOHHH!!! Nice one Bobby Bobby!!!
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I Wasn't quite satisfied with the three-dimensionality or the eyes of the last rendition, so I tinkered even more with the design to something that fits the facial depth of the vader helmet better. I feel much better about the physical accuracy concerning this mii, plus it is a breath of fresh air into a character we're used to seeing only two passable designs.
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like it
Super cool. The lighting/3d illusion worked really well.
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I like it Bobby, but to be honest I prefer the last one! The eyes on this one are superior, but i think that comes with a sacrifice! I can see vader in the eyes but i have a harder time seeing vader with the rest of the face! Still beats everyone elses vader except your last one!
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\I like how you used eyes instead of glasses. Kool!
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