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Majoras maskMajoras mask
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Majoras mask
Majoras mask
May 13, 2007 at 12:40pm
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Nintendo Wii
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Doesn't even look like any mask! Let alone MM!
isnt that from zelda
i think
looks incredible even tho i dont remeber it
I've never seen Rik say anything positive about anyone else's work. I think it looks great, considering the undertaking.
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Cool! That's really interesting!
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Thanks guys i did really long about this one :)
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Very nice
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This work is especially conspicuous in his unique Miis. I evaluate this Mii very high.
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im stuck on that game but i lost it on N64 so i w8 for it to come out on virtual consil
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yea i want the game too. i wil wait too when it comes out at the wii shop-channel.
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Please send to 7505-2606-1340-6663. Thanks!
This is awesome! 5'd!
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