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Master YodaMaster Yoda
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Master Yoda
Master Yoda
July 24, 2007
May 17, 2007
July 24, 2007 at 1:05am
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Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Star Wars
Who says Yoda can't be made into a Mii? All it takes is a little imagination! (It also helps if you turn your TV's tint all the way green) ;)
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You kinda cheated by making his skin green, but I'd still give this a 5 compared to the other Yodas.
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how did you make the skin green???????? it's great i gave it 5!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please send to 7505-2606-1340-6663. Thanks!
i love yoda! thats soo cool!
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Looks great but what happen to your other one?
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I got rid of him because it was unsatisfactory and I liked this one better.
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best yoda ive seen

hey please send to: 4916-5343-3916-6016
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I love the new format! It gives your miis a better look! The look they deserve!
It's a great Yoda. I can see why it won the 10,000 Mii contest for most correct guess. I still think it's true that turning it's skin green is a little bit of a cheat, since you can do it on the Wii. But it's nice all the same. Congradulations!!!
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I gave the green skin some consideration, but I had thrown in a few Miis that had pictures attached or were Photoshopped (Robin comes to mind) that didn't get as many correct guesses... so, I allowed it. ;)
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Send this to 2596-9982-9425-3370


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