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Ninja TurtlesNinja Turtles
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ninja Turtles
June 28, 2007 at 4:43pm
Posted by:
Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Cartoon Characters
My first quad submission, Yippee! Once again using the green tint trick, I managed to make the heroes in a half-shell along with believable bandana colors and varying facial expressions. You should be able to identify them. Now I'll have to make a good Shredder as well.
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Of course there's not. But there IS the orangish skin color that appears green when you change the tint on your television to green.
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boby i know everyone knows the green trick but its not creative because wen you save the the turtles when they're green they be green when you change the tv tint back unless you have no problem with the tv's tint being green forever so dont ask bobby to send youany of the green crap unless again you haveno problem with green tint.
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I love that you presume how people on my friends list are idiots. I've been requested to send my green miis many, many times before and no one has ever complained about their color. And you know what else? I STILL get requests from people to send them my green miis, and I'm 99.9% sure they are aware that they will not be green when it arrives in their Mii plaza. Unless of course they don't bother reading the mii descriptions and are gullible enough to somehow think I have a magical ability to hack Wii systems and that sending them my green miis will miraculously enable a seveth skin color option to appear in their mii editor. I find it quite humorous that you actually believe the recipients would be surprised and/or offended that the mii I sent them wasn't green, when a little common sense and reading ability would stiffle any such ridiculous assumptions. Seriously, do you really think it's that big of a deal? Or are you merely making everyone else here aware of your own ignorance in this matter?
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its ok not bag actually :)
I like how Bobby talks so big!

Translation: Everyone knows that the mii is not really green and won't sue Bobby.
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King, you just got owned. Nice miis Bobby.
wow, is this your fav show. once again you copide this from me and my friend. his name go's something along the lines of bobbybobbysucksIthinkheisanewb.

thank you soo much for makeing these cause no one but i guess you can make ninja turtles your awsome thanks

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You suck! Green miis are cheating! There is no REAL skin color like that! 1 star, cheater!

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^ Just kidding! :)

5 stars.
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wow!! my  sisters are big fans of u! they want you to move back up into

1st place on the Check Mii Out Channel. But stupid roxxi took ur place.

anyways i love love love ur miis

Wowe Wow Wow 5'd Bookmark
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