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James BrownJames Brown
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James Brown
James Brown
December 28, 2006 at 2:03pm
Posted by:
Adam J.
Nintendo Wii
The Godfather of Soul and the one of the greatest American entertainers of all time. You will be missed.
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R.I.P. like a sex machine-a.
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The hardest working Mii in showbiz!
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nice one :)
pretty good my friend!
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niCe job!
R.I.P. James Brown. That's a kick ass Mii. Looks just like him.
can you upload him????!?
I dont know how to do that yet. I'd be happy to send it to anyones Wii.
Nice Job!
may the godfather of soul rest in peace..
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hey - can you please send to mine?

PS: JB - you'll be missed...
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can u send one to me? it looks awesome!
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I'll try to send it. My wi-fi connection is super weak, so sit tight.
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