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Master Chief 2Master Chief 2
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Master Chief 2 Halo
Master Chief 2
January 1, 2007 at 10:34pm
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Nintendo Wii
My second attempt at Master Chief. Seems some people could see the first one, but then others couldn't make it out at all. I was dissatisfied with the first one anyway so here he is again.
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I love it, I am making every character of Red vs Blue haha Oh man I am still kinda stuck on the black part under the hat. I am assuming it's eyebrows.. XD
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looks awesome
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Although i dont think the eye slits are necessary..
i think those are reflections thats just IMHO great mii
whoa the top ranked miis are definately the best!
why would you think they were eye slits they are too far apart to be near the eyes, and chief doesnt have eye slits
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Hey i wanna add you as a friend on my Wii but i can't hit me up if u do l8r and good stuff
Sorry to break it to you honey, you suck... I mean I don't just go around handing out sucks... you suck and that the truth.Suck!
I'm a professional suck giver outer and let me tell you hunn. You suck nomatter what your little wii nerds you met online say. You suck!!!!!!!! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!
Jill is my bestie buddie. What he says---is da truth. Just to letcha know...the mii freakin sucks. Im surprised you had the freakin money to get one. You need HELP
I've deducted that Jill, and Jane are in fact the same person. I know this because someone that trolls around like Jill wouldn't have any friends. It was a dead giveaway when "Jane" came in and said "Jill is my bestie buddie". I've also deducted that Jill is actually a young male. He's probably frustrated with his current lifestyle because he is unattractive, and has not exchanged in any conversation with a female. Typical of teenage virgins who want to find a place to vent. These kinds of boys are often found on internet forums, but "Jill and Jane" are unique to the MiiPlaza.
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Jill is a loser dont listen to 'em your mii is the best
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