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King LeonidasKing Leonidas
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King Leonidas
King Leonidas
December 22, 2007 at 8:26am
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Nintendo Wii
I discovered that by using beard, eyes, glasses and mustache placed like this you get the illusion of someone yelling mad. This was perfect for Leonidas. I added the baloom just so you can get the idea of the concept :-)
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300 Yahh!!!
pretty good, just change the hair
i love it! awesome job! and quite creative
Thanks for the tip about the hair, jayloonar. You are totally right. I have updated this Mii in the CMO Channel with a different hair, which is more used in other Leonidas Miis. You can check it there! ;-)
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very cool
my name is actually jay :)
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Awesome! 5stars. Bookmarked. I also saw this mii on the CMOC's first popular page!

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best mii ever!!!
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Looks like a cavemn, not the Spartan dude. Fail.
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