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Big NoseBig Nose
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Big Nosed Guy
Big Nose
January 25, 2008 at 6:19am
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Nintendo Wii
A Big Nose
Just a guy with a ridiculously big nose. Thanks very much to everyone who voted for this to win celery's contest, and even more thanks to those who entered my Big Nose contest.
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That would make a good wario ;)
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AwSoMe :D
lol! i would hate to see that guy sneeze...
lol nice!
nice job!
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Popular Friendly Center of Attention So Much To Say Something To Say Spammer
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Thanks! I supposed it would make a nice Wario but I've already used all the faetures that could make the mustache. Besides, I'm VERY happy with my current Wario, one of my personal favorites. Check it out...
Woah! That's so cool.
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best nose ever 5d
interesting...if only there was some way to make a giant booger hanging out of there...
that nose is awesome!
tahts frickin' awesome!!
Amazing! 5'd.
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