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February 20, 2008 at 10:16pm
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Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Canvas Art
Here is a Canvas Pic of Link from The Legend of Zelda. Surprisingly, this mii skyrocketed into my top ten Miis on the Check Mii Out Channel in just two days.
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Wait a second. I copied from YOU? A guy from Canada who I have no way to access your miis? I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, and I promise my soul that I never seen this mii done before. I guess your being in "sisth" place should be considered a feat, seeing as the rest of the Canadian Master Mii artisans are copycats imitating my work and others here anyway. I guess that's also why you picked such an incriminating name for yourself here on Miiplaza. Jealous much?
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more like imitating my work. I could pwn you at guitar hero or mario strikers charged. meet me online, my name is either gamma king or ugly boy, and on guitar hero it is newb pwner. We will see who is the real newb now bobby bobby, will we
What's Guitar Hero have to do with this?
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Do you want to get into this shake and bake.( that name pwns) Guitar hero is the real way you see who is the real newb
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Seriously guy, get a life. You're clearly obsessing over my work your silly attempts to accuse me of copying other peoples' miis are in vain. Unless you can link us all to a website such as miiplaza complete with submission dates and miis who beyond a shadow of a doubt have remarkably similar designs dated prior to my submissions, than please, be my guest. But since we all know that's impossible, it's evident that you have no case. Please take your 11 year old internet smack-talk and go play CounterStrike or something.
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Alright bobby bobby, you win. i admit I copy all of you miis and I guess... your miis kind of pwn mine. There is one original mii I have made and that is mini birdo. Id like to see your attempt at making this.( by the way, you would pwn even more if you had pikmin 2 mii's like toon and anime)
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btw, I prefer guitar hero over counterstrike
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I still challenge you to guitar hero, but lets not get into this disscussion again
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Omg you guys need to get a life. This mii is awesome. U guys are just jealous. Again, great work bobby.
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teach mii
Bobby...I simply could'nt believe my eyes when I saw
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