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Star FoxStar Fox
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Star Fox
Star Fox
February 20, 2008 at 10:23pm
Posted by:
Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Canvas Art
An Arwing Canvas Mii based on the Star Fox series of Games. Hope it looks alright.
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impressive. 5'd.
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You're just toying with us aren't you? POOF another masterpiece...crazy man x3

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my fav out of the five
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These are so good, we're all gonna have to quit! 5 stars!
thats 10 star stuff!
No wonder that I see you very often in the CMO top miis

Recognized it at first glance. Loved that game! 5d
no wonder you're the master. great work llike always, master bobby!
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I posted this on mii plaza like two days before I saw it on here. You copied this from me again. toon&anime pwns you cuz all of his miis are from pikmin and I have 100% game completion in pikmin 2. Ha I pwn you at guitar hero. total monkey bobbybobby, just total monkey.
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You posted this on You mean you finally have proof I copied one of your miis? Well let's see it then, Sherlock! Oh yeah, that's right: You can't because your mii page links to the 404 error. Oh well, better luck next time.
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O.K O.K you got me on this one.
woooo this................ sucks like a monkey breeding in august. personally, I belive you copied this from check mii out channel, and i am very offended to see this. i hate you
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