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Janeane GarofaloJaneane Garofalo
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Janeane Garofalo
Janeane Garofalo
September 6, 2011
June 30, 2008
September 6, 2011 at 12:15pm
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Nintendo 3DS
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Stand-up comic, political activist and actress. Reality Bites, Truth About Cats & Dogs, Dogma and latterly Girl's Best Friend. Often cast as the opinionated best friend of a better-looking leading actress, as such she gets to deliver many of the best lines - I guess that's a small consolation but scant reward for a talented performer.

*3DS update: not much change - just tweaking.
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Celery yer back! and this is one of my new favorite miis 5* and bm

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recognised her right away.  I can't stand this new site design, but I keep coming back for miis like this. 5

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I love how you used the "n" shaped mustache to add nostrils to the nose. 5d.

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5 stars for the mii, 1 star for her.
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