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Olympic RingsOlympic Rings
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The Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings
August 1, 2008 at 11:38am
Posted by:
Nintendo Wii
The symbol for the olympics, the five rings. For a mii, I think this turned out pretty well. Probably one of my favorite of my miis to date.
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Wow. 5d

cool. 5*

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BKmrk'd! incredible RSF 

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Gold Medal (5 stars)!

cool! 5*

That looks like it'd take forever come up with! *National Anthem playing* (5 Gold Stars)

wow love it 5s

That's an excellent Olympic symbol, Red. This is pure art. Awesome Mii! 5 stars, no doubt.

top notch. 5'd

kick ass, red could you register me so you could send me some of your canvas miis?
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