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Black CatBlack Cat
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Black Cat Image
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Black Cat
Black Cat
February 13, 2009 at 12:15pm
Posted by:
D. Maria
Nintendo Wii
Canvas Animals
A canvas mii of a black cat. I adapted my previous cat canvas mii to look more like the cat we adopted last year.

Thought I'd post it on Friday 13th since it's superstition related!
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Ooh, very cool.
haha nice one, looks creepy :)
at first i thought that was fake. 5s
Sweet =^.^=
oooo, whenever I look at this thing, it gives me the chills ^_^ 5*
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great job
i dont like cats but this is just ****ing amazing!
I like how you did the nose. And the whiskers just work perfectly. I might have to favorite this.
wowee 5 and bm. excellent
5s i love it
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still one of the greatest, D-Maria!
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Love this cat, especially the pose. 5'd and bookmarked.
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