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Guy on a Wii Balance Board
Wii Board
February 27, 2009 at 10:17am
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Nintendo Wii
Video Games
le gasp! A MII!? FROM ME!?!?


My first actual request that I got a month ago... and I had to use my old crappy camera for this one. Just my luck.

Anyways, It's a modified version of my Copy Mii Out contest surfer requested by Toon&Anime. It's a person on Wii Fit, probably playing that penguin game.
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Great job, very creative and original. 5 and a bookmark
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an absolute corker! 5 stars!
that`s nuts. this deserves to be a gamercreated hall of famer for sure.
Glad you did it. Turned out great! Got a 3D illusion going, too. 5/bookmark :)
Awesome! I really got a kick out of this- 5**
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Brilliant - 5 stars
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That's Really Really Good!
Wow! That's really creative!
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