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Bulldog Image
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March 6, 2009 at 11:30am
Posted by:
D. Maria
Nintendo Wii
Canvas Animals
A canvas mii of a Bulldog.

I've had a version of this mii on the CMOC for ages, but delayed posting it here because I wasn't happy with it. I gave it a makeover recently and ended up with this.

I think this kind of Bulldog is going to be phased out because they've become too inbred and have loads of horrible health problems. Apparently, breeders will be encouraged to breed these dogs to look more as they used to centuries ago, when they could actually breathe properly.
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Fantastic! You're nothing short of amazing with animal miis.
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Great job. 5*
LOL, it reminds of Yale! 5*
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soooo cute
lulz. ^^ 5s.
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great job as usual maria 5*
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