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Full Name:
Carl Fredricksen
May 26, 2009 at 5:22pm
Posted by:
Andy Anonymous
Nintendo Wii
Movie characters
***PLEASE NOTE*** If you like this Mii, feel free to copy it, but DO NOT submit it to the Check Mii Out Channel under your own name. Have respect for the original artists on this site!

Carl Fredricksen is the main protagonist of this summer's new film from Disney-Pixar, "Up". He is a seventy-eight year old balloon seller who goes off on an adventure to South America by floating his entire house with balloons.
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I just made mine a few hours ago, and it looks exactly like this!

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I'm waiting til Friday to post my two miis. Yours is very good :)
Oh sh*t! I still haven't posted mine yet!
Maybe i should consider goin back on. I planned to make one of my own as well. >.>
Awesome character! 5*
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I was about to make one as well. I'm going to the movie today. 5 stars.

I just saw the movie a few hours ago. It looks exactly like the character. 5* to you, sir!

This mii is now in the Top 50! W00T! But that means people will start copying it! Noooo!
I saw this movie It was hiluarous
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