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Billy MaysBilly Mays
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Billy Mays
Billy Mays
June 29, 2009 at 4:51pm
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Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Billy Mays was the coolest television pitchman ever. He seemed like a really cool guy too. I mean, who can forget the products he advertised with so much energy and with such a friendly, confident smile? To be completely honest, I was more devastated at the news of his passing than Michael Jackson.

Rest in peace Billy. You will be missed. :-[
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I didn't even hear he died! :/ Excellent likeness. Easy 5.
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How'd he die? AWSOME MII BOBBY!!!!! You r awsome!!!
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I didn't know you were still making miis. Keep up the good work!
All hale bobby
I'm not so sure, but I think his death involved a clogged artery or something about his heart.
anyways, 5'd.
I'm sad the he died, but do you still use Oxi Clean, Bobby?
Bobby??? You're back??? Super-happy-fun-time!
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Excellent mii, and Billy will definitely be missed.
I like all of your miis, keep it up! (3x 5 Stars)
You really are not for nothing the (I think) most copied mii designer.
Its going to feel weird if they still put commercials of him in the future. 5*
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Very good. 5*
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