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Sookie StackhouseSookie Stackhouse
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Anna Paquin as 'Sookie Stackhouse' in HBO vampire boob-a-rama 'True Blood'
Sookie Stackhouse
March 6, 2012
September 9, 2009
July 13, 2009
March 6, 2012 at 7:37am
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Nintendo 3DS
True Blood
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Too young when she won her oscar (Best Supporting Actress - 'The Piano', when she was 11) she's been living it down ever since. Underused as 'Rogue' in X-Men. Now she's baring all in TV's vampire crap-a-rama 'True Blood' with newly-'blonded' hair. Weird, sloppy lips. The best is yet to come...?

*updated with more sympathetic eyes... to make a pair with co-star Stephen Moyer*

*3DS update: radically new version which concentrates less on her bizarre lips. Her face shape has also changed as she is now not quite as fat.
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Nice mouth Cel! 5*
And hey, I thought sunglasses were for clown lips! 5'd
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Hey, I like True Blood. When you watch any scene with Jason stackhouse, pretend you're watching the adventures of young George Dubya.
Nice Job. You should do Rogue too.
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