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Samus Image
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Samus Aran
January 10, 2007 at 12:57am
Posted by:
Nintendo Wii
My best Samus Aran mii, I actually like it, but I couldnt make the visor any bigger... I found a reference picture: -----
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Good work, I like it. Different.
yea cool but how you made the red color...
how did u make it red
great. teach us how to go red
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its not red people its brown
It's a skin colour. There is brownish and then there is dark brown.
How did you make the visor????
How did u make that visor i'm still trying
haha, on popular demand, I'll tell you. the bottom of the visor is the "-" mouth, the sides on the bottom of it are those winking eyes with the eylash coming out. The top of it are eyebrows, then there is a mole in the middle of them.
they couldn't figure that out? it was pretty obvious
u serious this is stupid you voting on yourself or something?
"this is stupid"? No, I am not voting on myself. you cant do that anyways because it wont let the same computer vote twice. I guess people just like it, i hope it gets featured some day.
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