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Falco  Image
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Falco Lombardi
January 4, 2011 at 8:33pm
Posted by:
Wee Man
Nintendo Wii
cartoon characters
Hello again. Long time no Mii ;) Falco canvas. Tell me what you think. Thanks :) (Added the little black mic headset and yes i am aware its supposed to be on the other side but my camera flipped it)
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Do a barrel roll! 5 stars!

Welcome back; and that's a really good mii! 5 stars.
Awsome Falco canvas! :) 5 stars
Coolness! a 3d Falco!
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Thanks guys! appreciate it. I wasn't sure if i should have used the black dot to fill up the space between his glasses and if i made the eyesbrows (beak) one thing larger to make the beak connect with the mouth. All in all i think i made the right choices.
& Bookmarked :)
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