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Jack BlackJack Black
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Jack Black
Jack Black
April 15, 2011
April 15, 2011
April 13, 2011
April 15, 2011 at 11:23am
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Nintendo 3DS
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Ever the iconoclast, this is me trying to re-invent the wheel.

Xangalore's seminal Jack Black is probably the most famous mii of all time. It really showed everyone what could be achieved in terms of excellence of caricature with the mii format.

I'd really love to see what some of the great mii pioneers like Xangalore and Atkafighter, Ajay, Adam J, isic, Mr. Tip, Ali420 and BobbyBobby could do with the new possibilities that the 3DS gives us... I'm sure we'd all sit back and marvel at the results... just like we did in 2006/7.

(I've added a non-moustachioed version for purists... can't decide which I prefer...)
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Nice, a new take on an old classic.. I, too, wonder if we'll ever see updated Miis from the "pioneers;" I wonder if the price of the 3DS or disinterest will dissuade them...
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holy crap. Jack Black was the 1st perfect celeb mii to hit the net. I didn't think it could be improved upon, but by the grace of the 3DS, you've done it.
He was the host of Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards:2011 5 stars! :D
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@ Jose Nintendo: I hope we do see more updated Miis from the "pioneers"! @ Celery: this is an excellent update on an oft copied classic! 5'd and bookmarked.
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I'm going to go ahead and say that this is better than Xangalore's.
I agree with Andy. This is GREAT!
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Friendly Center of Attention So Much To Say Something To Say Spammer
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High Mii-delity!
Mii of Rock!
Nacho Mii-bre!
Tenacious Mii!
Gulliver's Mii Travels!
That's 5 puns! And stars too!
This reminds me of his look from the Jackal. It's a Jack Black Mii that ACTUALLY LOOKS HIM! I don't mean to gripe, but Xangalore's JB Mii opened up a can of doppleganging worms...and it wasn't even that great. I guess I'm just a D fan. Can't stand all the family-friendly Hollywood brown-nosing crap he's been putting out lately. Kung-Fu Panda can go do a horse stance over the cone of an active volcano, LOL. Seriously though, 5*s and I hope this Mii stays clear from the pod people!
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