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Nien NumbNien Numb
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Nien Numb
Nien Numb
January 15, 2007 at 10:02pm
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Nintendo Wii
Nien Numb. This weird looking alien appears in the later section of Star Wars Episode VI - The Return of The Jedi. He Co-pilots the Millenium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the battle over Death Star II.

Had a hard time making him, by no means an easy one. But hope it captures the character well enough...

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I see it! One hell of a shot!
not quite try making the eyes larger tweaking the brows a bit and lowering the mouth also use a stache for more lines
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Wow, those lips are useful.
Wow. Nien Numb is a cool character, even though he looks like a character out of Super Mario Bros.. Nice work.
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Wow! Never would think of doing this one..nice execution! Just one correction from a die hard Star Wars Geek as myself...this fella's "last name" is Nunb, not Numb (as in "Comfortably..." hehehe). 5 stars!
lol, sorry for the spelling error!
I am a SW geek myself, and hang my head in shame for this mistake... lol.

Thanks for the vote!
Awesome! Knew who it was the instant I saw it!
kick awsome dude! i tried him a while ago and it looked horrible
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