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Balloon FightBalloon Fight
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Balloon Fight (Canvas)
Balloon Fight
February 3, 2007 at 5:28pm
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Nintendo Wii
A scene from Balloon Fight.
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Nice use of face features to show a Balloon Fight scene.
Nice use of a comment to convey the obvious.
Who started the trend to put things inside the face? You all are biters, though i do like this one. (P.S. you shouldn't put your e-mail in the box unless you are a registered user
its not a trend hes the only one doing it 5 ***** this game rocks :)
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@guest: yeah actually it has become a trend, but he makes the only good ones of this style
Truely epic.
I call hacks. HACKS!!!!
then you would be an imbecile
OK have a good ballon-fight.
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HAX! Your Miis exceed the legal awesomeness limit!
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