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Jack BlackJack Black
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Jack Black
Jack Black
December 12, 2006 at 5:13am
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Nintendo Wii
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Great job although I hate this fool.
Wow, this is fantastic! Captured greatly!
Ridiculously well done, never seen anything like it. I keep thinking it can't be real, it's all just so spot-on it looks like an actual drawing of him.

I checked your site and Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Chuck Norris, Michael Jackson, and Lucy Liu are all extremely well done. The other ones are too, but these are special, you can totally tell who they are from the picture and you've somehow managed to give them the same expression on their face as they have IRL.

Amazing, simply amazing.

Can I buy a Mii of myself? Yes, I realize they don't all come out as well as these ones, but you definitely have more skill than me. I can't even pick eyes for my Mii, because I have no idea which look the most like mine.
WOW! that is incredible! My Jack black sucks compared to this one.
Awsome Jack black! Your definetly an Artist!!!
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Woah, simply amazing!
This is excellent.

FYI: You don't need to paste that flickr link to your other miis. We can just click on "more by this artist"

Great Job!
Good job, looks like the Jack Black of today!
LMAO. That is the best i have
seen yet. Make more. LOL
Incredibly realistic. Great job!
This is fake! You have two mouths and a beard that isnt in the options which is also a different colour to the moustache - which you can not do in the mii creator! shame because it looks really good!
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