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Beard ComboverBeard Combover
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Comb-over guy
Beard Combover
February 6, 2007 at 6:28pm
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Nintendo Wii
Ted the 'Beard Combover' guy from the Sierra Mist Superbowl ad.
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Ha, very nice. Too bad its upside down.
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C'mon, people, you can do this one, somehow.
c'mon man con't cheaat by turning the camera upside down
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the camera is upside down. however, i appreciate the ingenuity. i say the camera position is fair game
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The camera was right side up... I rotated the image when I uploaded it to my computer :P

There are lots of other "upside-down" Miis on Miiplaza, and I couldn't have made ol' Ted here if he were right side up ;)
pretty good(not that great), but hilarious. nice.
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a fat baby wrapped in a blanket?
pretty good!
hurts my neck
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