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February 8, 2007 at 10:39pm
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Nintendo Wii
You Know Who It Is.
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the ears are a good addition and all.. But honestly, it doesn't make it look any more like him.
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All Link miis are destined to suck.
Scuse Me.. But, Skate?
Why Are You Trailing Me?
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i do like it it's better then mine
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Looks like mine, diffrent color shirt, and diffrent nose (I added the pointy nose, and eyes. But its safe to say its from the latest NP. Nice though
I Uploaded It On Feb 8th And It's From The April NP?
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Exactly, you can see into the future :D
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But besides that, its the best on Mii Plaza without having seen the April NP.
I lol'd At That Comment About Me Being Able To See Into The Future.
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looks nice. link is hard to make so i give it 4 stars :)
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Theirs nothing specail about this mii. looks like ever other Link mii on here. and thats not a good thign.
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