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Pac man n GhostPac man n Ghost
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pac-man original
Pac man n Ghost
February 18, 2007 at 7:20pm
Posted by:
Nintendo Wii
That ghost is in deep sh*t!

The one and only!


this mii is on alot of gaming

sites,and now also nintendo power and never once got credit for it! That really pissed me off, Thanks a lot

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WOW. That's amazing.
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Good god thats great 5*
wow thats im speechless. thats good
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Absolutely amazing!
i looked at it and got after a few seconds...very good. very crative with the ghost
very nice i thought this was going to be another copy of the other guys
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Can we say perfect?
Wow that is some ****ed up ****, good job!
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Really good one!
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I've recreated this, and I recommend making the hair black to add an outline to Pac-Man, and if you tinker with the eyes enough you can seal off the gap in his eyebrows. And to the anon above me, look closer.
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not bad idea maybe in time ill change it,still looks good besides frome the ****y pic
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