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Crane GameCrane Game
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Crane Game (Canvas)
Crane Game
February 20, 2007 at 4:11pm
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Nintendo Wii
A crane game machine.
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Nice one!
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Haha. I like. But these types of Miis are getting a tad boring imo.
i like these creative miis, keep it up
@uka100 true some of these portraits are boring handstand, big balls... but this guys miis have personality (pacman ghost, lightbulb, etc), and have you seen his old school game recreations?
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how did he get the black around the face
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Woman hair style and beard makes the black around the face... The toy is made by a mustache, the ears are eyes, the eyes are a nose style, the mouth is a mouth... The crane is the mole and eyebrows...
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Very original stuff none the less! Not everyone can even think of this kinds of miis.
WOW,thats all i have to say. :D
I'm so horribly bad at those things!
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I can sum up my thoughts for this Mii into one word: Amazing.
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