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Garfield Comic Strip
March 3, 2007 at 10:13pm
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Nintendo Wii
This is Garfield from the comic strips. The "hair" isn't supposed to be seen instead it shapes his head so the ears come off the top of his head (glasses).
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wow if tip gave you a 5 its realy good
pfft... calm down people this sucks ass
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No it is not "gay", and it most certainly does not "suck ass". Go back to the kiddie pool before I steal your lunch money.
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Try putting the mole on the bridge of the behind the nose. This will complete the circle nose that Garfield has.
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Could you also send it to me bud? Thanks.
could you please send me garfield and marvin ? thanks tons
999BILLION stars,dude!!!
yo me again stop slaging me off it is gay i love garfeild but not that mii its gay the guy who called me a a$$hole can go 2 hell im here 2 tell da truth also u r gay
if u like this mii u r gay if u dislike it join my gang ^_^
adam.j is a f@@king d@@k
'go 2 hell s@@t face!
i kic ass b@@@h @s r incas of young children
anominous is corect it sucs ass
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Hey ??? if you dont cut the crap, Ima turn this car around and you will NOT go to DisneyLand! Santas watching *****!
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