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Master ChiefMaster Chief
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Spartan 117
Master Chief
May 4, 2008
July 24, 2007
May 4, 2008 at 2:17am
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Bobby Bobby
Nintendo Wii
Video Games
Behold, my version of Master Chief from the Halo series. Even hough I strongly dislike the Halo games (save for multiplayer) I figured I could try my hand at making him. Metroid is the better game ANY day, and Samus would totally win in a fight hands down. Not to mention that Master Chief only fights like half a dozen varieties of Aliens, when Samus is experienced in fighting thousands of the toughest the universe has to offer. Also, why on earth do the Covenant communicate in English? I could never get over that...

Updated May 4, 2008 to a more accurate design.
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wow you never cease to amaze me bobby
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Why Samus hates Master Chief.
of 2 badges
awsome bobby
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who ever thinks that this is horrible... the retards!:(
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I love the update!
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There we go,,, this is great!
I didn't think anyone was able to improve the basic version of him. Wow, I was wrong.
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Finally a good Master Chief. 5 stars.
Not bad but I prefer isic's
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cool, not the best tho,better than mine,4*

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