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Ring GirlRing Girl
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Ring Girl
January 23, 2007 at 12:47am
Posted by:
Adam J.
Nintendo Wii
I wanted to try and make a scary mii so I choose the creepy girl from The Ring.
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what features did you use i dont understand especially the triangle where the part in her hair is
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Good job! I tried it but came no where close!
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What I did was I used those star-eyes, made them as big as possible, then made more hair with eyebrows and the stache.
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Well done, well done.
nice job!
btw, her name was Samara. :)
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Love it!
her name was sadako in the japanese original
whoa neato i would change some of the facial features around, but gj on setting the framework :D
Well done! I'm an avid fan of The Ring so well done.
it took me 2 months but i made it that is a good idea
(>'.')b Kirby Approves!
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